Photography: David Sherman

Kristopher Traycee

Born into a background of talented Minneapolis artists, it was easy to follow in their footsteps. After finding a pair of tap shoes at a young age…the game changed and a brand new character was born: a character that encompassed the bold attitude sex appeal and confident swag of soul, Kristopher Traycee.

Kristopher is a facet of his creator’s personality (who also performs as other characters, such as the dazzling Bae O’Nette) that was waiting to come alive. He’s a raw energy that takes over during performances to create space for authentic connection - the same energy that guarantees everyone will feel seen, heard, loved and entertained.

After two decades of performing around the Midwest with big name bands, dance troupes, circus caravans and traveling tours - diving into the world of Red-Hot Rascals is an honor. To be surrounded, yet again, with such talented entertainers doesn’t just feel right…it feels like home. Cheers to everything we are and everything we have yet to be!